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  • IoT Cat Healthcare Litter Box
  • With PurrSong's app, you can effortlessly monitor your cat's bowel movements and changes in body weight.
  • Maintain a Dust and Odor-Free Environment with an Air Filtration System.
  • Customizable Design featuring a Detachable Top Cover.
  • Easily Cleaned through Smart Cleaning-Cycle Notifications.
  • Provides a Comfortable Space for Larger Cats.
  • Compatible with Various USB Accessories.
  • Use a Footstep for Seniors and Short-Legged Cats.

Our products are covered by a 1 year warranty in North-America and 2 years warranty in Europe starting from the date of shipment. Customers must first obtain a return authorization by contacting the PurrSong Customer Service team.

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Detachable Top Cover


USB Port

Large Space

Easy Cleaning

App Integration

Customizable Design

Based on the cat's preference, LavvieBox can be customized flexibly with a detachable top cover.

Step for Seniors and Short-Legged Cats, ensuring safety.

Installed to ensure safety and comfort for cats facing mobility challlenges.

Airflow Control with Low Noise Level

The air fan prevents airflow from rising above the cat's sitting height, aiding in cat eye care and protecting against eye diseases.

LavvieBox's fan operates at approximately 10dB, producing a quiet sound to accommodate the sensitive hearing of cats.

Three Layered Filtration System

10 db Silent Fan

for Sensitive Cats

3-Layered Air Filter

for Dust Elimination

D.Odeur Gel

for Odor Elimination

USB Port Installation

USB port allows utilization of various USB-compatible accessories.

Spacious Size

LavvieBox enables freedom in movement from any angle and provides a cozy space for activities. LavvieBox is 1.5 times larger than the average body length of a cat, providing comfortable and spacious area for all cats.

  • LavvieBox Internal Length : 67cm
  • Average Cat Body Length : 46cm

Easy Cleaning

LavvieBox is an all-in-one easy-to-clean litter box with a removable waste tray inside, eliminating the need to lift or wash the unit itself.

Biodegradable Liner

LavvieBox Liner is crafted from tough and thick natural material made from cornstarch, designed to withstand even the toughest of cat claws.

It is over 10 times stronger and thicker than regular plastic bags.

Monitor Cat's Health Status

Through PurrSong's application, you can easily monitor and track your cat's bowel movement and changes in body weight.

Weight Measurement

LavvieBox is able to easily detect weight changes with an internal weight sensor. It is also able to distinguish individual cats within a ±100g range. For multi-cat households with cats of similar weights, LavvieTAG can be a solution for precise identification.

BCS Obesity Management

LavvieBox automatically records your cat's weight and assists with obesity management by measuring the weight every time it's used.

Check Bowel Movements

Monitor real-time data about your cat's bowel activity regarding frequency and duration with PurrSong's application.