Health Tracker for Cats: LavvieTAG by PurrSong

Health Tracker for Cats: LavvieTAG by PurrSong

LavvieTAG serves as the inaugural component within PurrSong's innovative Ecosystem, establishing itself as a distinctive identifier for individual cats. Within the framework of PurrSong's interconnected IoT devices, LavvieTAG assumes the pivotal role of seamless integration, facilitating the linkage of various devices to this central identifier. Its exceptional ability to differentiate between distinct cats sets the foundation for a comprehensive and personalized experience.

Introducing a Revolutionary Cat Fitness Tracking Solution

LavvieTAG emerges as a cutting-edge 24/7 real-time activity tracker meticulously tailored for cats. By means of an embedded sensor housed within the pendant, LavvieTAG captures intricate details of your cat's daily engagements, encompassing activities such as sleeping, sprinting, rest, and energy expenditure or calorie burn. Through the synergy of LavvieTAG and PurrSong, the holistic well-being of your cherished feline companion is elevated to new heights.

Key Attributes of LavvieTAG

Simplicity and Comfort Redefined

Compact and lightweight, LavvieTAG boasts dimensions smaller than a quarter coin, weighing a mere 5 grams. The design philosophy prioritizes your cat's comfort, eliminating any undue burden that the device might impose. Notably, the device's lightweight nature is complemented by a detachable buckle mechanism that not only ensures ease of removal but also provides a fail-safe against entanglement. Crafted from delicate and lightweight cotton yarns, our straps underscore the pursuit of feline comfort. LavvieTAG further extends its usability with waterproof and dust-resistant properties, effectively mitigating concerns associated with water exposure.

Enduring Performance

LavvieTAG's enduring functionality is underscored by its remarkable battery life, sustaining operation for up to four weeks on a single charge. The included charger features three ports, designed for households with multiple cats, facilitating concurrent charging of three LavvieTAG units. This innovation ensures uninterrupted vigilance over your cat's activities, even when you are absent from home.

In-Depth Activity Insights

LavvieTAG excels in capturing and consolidating your cat's daily undertakings, encompassing a spectrum ranging from leisurely walks to spirited zoomies, fostering a holistic understanding of their behavior. The device's data repository forms the basis for insightful analyses, elucidating daily activity trends that empower informed care-giving. With graphical representations illustrating daily, weekly, and monthly activity patterns, comprehending these nuances becomes effortless. A distinct advantage lies in the device's ability to discern your cat's calorie burn, thus facilitating precise dietary adjustments.

LavvieTAG's emergence as a pivotal component within the PurrSong Ecosystem signifies a paradigm shift in feline well-being monitoring. With its unobtrusive design, prolonged functionality, and nuanced data insights, LavvieTAG redefines the landscape of cat fitness tracking, enriching the lives of both pets and their devoted owners.

Mechanism of Operation for LavvieTAG

Lavvie Scanner: Extending LavvieTAG’s Capabilities

Enhancing the utility of LavvieTAG, the Lavvie Scanner serves as a supplementary module. This innovative add-on empowers you to seamlessly access gathered data, even when you are distantly removed from your residence. As your feline companion comes within proximity of our Lavvie Scanner, the unit initiates the transmission of compiled data to the dedicated PurrSong application, ensuring you remain continuously informed about your cat's activities. Nevertheless, in the absence of the Lavvie Scanner, proximity of within 12 inches (30 cm) from your cat becomes requisite for data retrieval.

LavvieTAG is a purr-fect add-on for a cat-family. Experience and witness
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LavvieTAG Specifications: 

Product: LavvieTAG

Size: 22.5 x 22.5 x 12 mm

Weight: 5 g

Battery Life: Max. 30 days

Color: White

Compatibility: Android / iOS

Bluetooth: BLE 5.0 

Developer: PurrSong, Inc. 


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