Using an AirTag for Cats: Using Apple to Understand your Cats Behavior

Using an AirTag for Cats: Using Apple to Understand your Cats Behavior
As devoted pet owners, we want to be able to have the tools best available for taking care of our cats and ensuring their safety. Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology, pet owners now have an array of tools at our disposal that grant us the ability to better monitor our cats, so that they do not become unhealthy or get lost. Among these tools, AirTags have become a new, cost-efficient method for monitoring our cats, ensuring their safety from harm. In this article we will go over what AirTags are and how they can be seamlessly integrated into the lives of our cats. From understanding their basic functionalities, to understanding the potential of the technology, we will navigate the details to show you what makes AirTags such a valuable asset in the realm of pet care. 

1. What are AirTags?

Developed by Apple, AirTags are compact, lightweight tracking devices designed for everyday use. About the size of a coin, these small disc-shaped tags are equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to keep track of your belongings effortlessly. As they were primarily designed for Apple use, AirTags can sync seamlessly with any Apple device, allowing users to locate objects with precision through their “Find My” App. While not initially designed for Android phones, Apple has released an app called “Tracker Detect” which can detect various item trackers including Apple AirTags. In addition, there are a variety of third-party apps, which can detect AirTags, which makes Apple’s proprietary technologies such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch not entirely necessary. The adaptability of AirTags across different platforms ensures a larger user base will benefit from their tracking capabilities, enhancing their accessibility and utility in various device ecosystems.

2. Can AirTags be used as Pet Collar Trackers for Cats?

While initially designed for tracking small objects such as car keys and wallets, AirTags can be used for pets such as cats and dogs. AirTags serve as a perfect tool for short range tracking around the house. Moreover, AirTags are small and lightweight, making them easy to affix to a collar. This is in sharp contrast to GPS tracking devices, which are heavy and weigh down the pet. With a lightweight design and the ability to connect to a smartphone, AirTags have seamlessly extended their utility from tracking inanimate objects to easily finding cats around the house.

3. Is AirTag the Best Tracker Choice for Pet Collars on Cats?

While AirTags can help pet owners to keep tabs on their cats, they are by no means the best solution. The main issue is that AirTags require a Bluetooth connection in order to work. This usually makes them useful for short-range scenarios and in urban environments. If a cat were to run into the forest or an area without Bluetooth connection, the AirTag would have no way of knowing where a cat or dog is. Thus AirTags serve better as tools for keeping track of cats who are less active and prefer to wander the house rather than the neighborhood.

4. What is an ALTERNATIVE to AirTags?

While AirTag technology should primarily be used in short-range situations, this is not their only function and the technology has evolved beyond Bluetooth location tracking. Devices that use AirTag technology such as PurrSong’s LavvieTAG and other IoT platforms are developing the technology and integrating it into a more holistic lifestyle monitoring system. Here is a list of some of the other amazing features that devices that use AirTag technology can have to help cats live better:

  • Understanding diet

When considering a cat’s diet and how much they consume, it is important to factor in a cat’s lifestyle. For example, it is said that a 10-pound indoor cat should be consuming between 200-210 calories per day. By contrast, a cat of the same weight with an active lifestyle should be consuming between 330-340 calories. Moreover, while cats are primarily carnivorous animals, it is also important to supplement that diet with vitamins that they are not receiving. Using specialized sensors, PurrSong’s LavvieTAG can collect data on a cat’s calorie burn. LavvieTAG’s data collection includes analysis on how much calorie was burned on daily, weekly, and monthly basis and recommends how much calorie burn is needed per day. This wealth of information allows pet owners to make informed decisions on changes to their cat’s diet, allowing for a personalized approach that is specifically tailored to their cat’s nutritional requirements. These detailed insights help to offer a deep understanding of a cat’s diet and how it can factor into their daily life.

  • Understanding daily activities

A cat’s activity level will vary based on their unique personality, shaping the extent of their daily exercise. Moreover, some cats will experience “the zoomies,” periods of hyperactivity in which they will release pent up energy in short bursts, due to sleeping most of the day. Thus PurrSong’s LavvieTAG, can track a cat’s daily activities, collecting data on your cats walking, moving and when they get the zoomies. Moreover, by interfacing with PurrSong’s other products, such as the LavvieScanner, although you are out of your house, data will be transferred to your device even through you are away.

  • Understanding sleep patterns

Cats on average spend a considerable part of the day sleeping, ranging from 12-18 hours. Moreover, cats are primarily nocturnal creatures. This means that cats tend to be active during the night when everyone else is sleeping, and it can be difficult for pet owners to know if their cats are getting a healthy amount of sleep. With PurrSong’s LavvieTAG, pet owners can analyze and monitor their cat’s sleeping patterns, showing the duration and frequency of their sleep. This helps to foster a more comprehensive approach to pet care and can help owners gain a better understanding of their cat’s sleeping patterns.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, the integration of AirTags into the realm of pet care represents a transformative leap forward, offering a multitude of benefits that redefine the way we safeguard and engage with our beloved animal companions. While initially designed for usage with small inanimate objects, such as car keys and wallets, the technology of AirTags has become seamlessly integrated in PurrSong’s own LavvieTAGs, making for a powerful combination. The seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem allows for a user-friendly experience, ensuring that pet owners can effortlessly incorporate this technology into their daily routines.

Devices that use AirTag technology stand as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and a genuine concern for the health and well-being of our pets. As we look at the myriad advantages they bring to the table — from tracking cats within the house to fostering a deeper understanding of our pets' diet and sleep patterns — it becomes evident that AirTags have not only revolutionized pet tracking but have also elevated the standards of care and connection we provide to our cherished animal companions. In the ever-expanding universe of pet technology, AirTags serve as a great alternative to large bulky GPS trackers, and tile trackers.

Here is a chart to help users understand the differences between standard AirTags and IoT platforms that utilize the technology such as the LavvieTAG.





Understanding Diet


Bluetooth tracking


Understanding Daily Activities


Understanding Sleep Patterns



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