GPS Trackers for Cats: How to not Lose your Cat

GPS Trackers for Cats: How to not Lose your Cat
Pets have a tendency to run off, cats especially. Cats tend to be quite curious, and it is not uncommon for our feline friends to run away to explore the world beyond the confines of our homes. This can be dangerous for cats as well as cause anxiety for cat owners. That is why in recent years, scientists and researchers have been developing new technologies designed to track your cats. Here we’ll delve into common questions about GPS tracking for cats, addressing concerns such as risks, pricing and introducing alternative solutions. This way, you will be able to understand what is best for your cat, without breaking the bank.

1. Can You Get a GPS Tracker for Cats?
A GPS or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based system that enables precision location tracking around the world. GPS technology is used in a variety of ways related to navigation, such as in cars or in smartphones. However, GPS's can also be used to track pets, such as cats and dogs. Using a GPS tracker on a cat can have a variety of benefits.

The primary benefit of GPS trackers is that they have real-time monitoring. Keep tabs on your cat's whereabouts with live tracking, ensuring you can find them quickly if they wander off. Whether your adventurous cat is exploring the backyard, wandering through the neighborhood, or simply finding a cozy spot for a nap, you can track their movements with precision.

Another major benefit that some GPS trackers have is the ability to set up a customizable safe zone. Customizable safe zones are virtual boundaries that can be programmed into a GPS tracker. The tracker will then send an alert to you if your cat strays beyond designated areas, providing an added layer of security. This is useful for especially adventurous cats, who like to escape the house and wander around the neighborhood. With a customizable safe zone, you will be immediately alerted if a cat wanders outside of a designated area, allowing you to react quickly. It can also lead to less stress and anxiety for an owner.

2. Cost? Battery Life? Safety? What to look for when Shopping for a GPS Tracker for Your Cat.
When searching for a GPS tracker for a cat there are a variety of options that need to be considered. Owners want to make sure that their pet is being taken care of in the best possible way, and the right GPS tracker can offer just that. Here are some factors to consider when searching for a GPS tracker for your cat.
  • A lightweight and cat-friendly design: Some GPS trackers can be quite unwieldy and awkward for a cat to wear. This is primarily due to weight, comfort and shape. Therefore it is important to have a tracker that is easy for a cat to wear and is integrated well into the cat's daily routine. Collars with lightweight GPS trackers tend to be the best in this regard.
  • Battery Life: Having an extended battery life is crucial for cats. This is because cats are solitary and can wander away for long periods of time. If a GPS does not have a long battery life, it will be difficult to track your cat. Additionally, some products require you to change out batteries, so it is important to look for a product with rechargeable batteries. A minimum seven day battery life is recommended, so you can track your cat for longer periods without interruption.
  • Durability: Durability is an important factor to consider, especially for the more adventurous cats. For example, some cats enjoy hiding in the forest, or exploring more rugged terrain. This can expose the GPS tracker to various elements and cause damage that can permanently affect the tracker’s reliability. The durability of the GPS tracker guarantees its longevity, allowing it to endure the challenges of various environments and ensuring that it remains a reliable tool for pet owners.
  • Accuracy: Not all GPS trackers have the same level of accuracy and it is important to know which aligns with your cat’s needs. The accuracy of a GPS tracker can significantly impact its reliability in pinpointing your cat's location, especially in environments with dense foliage.
  • Cost: While we want the best for our pets, sometimes the best option is not the most affordable option. When searching for a GPS tracker for your cat, it's crucial to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, some GPS trackers may have subscription charges that are outside of the initial cost. Therefore it is important to consider the options that best suit your cat before making a purchasing decision.
  • Additional Features: Some GPS trackers have additional features beyond the basics of GPS tracking. For example, not all GPS trackers have the aforementioned customizable safe zone feature. Great features to look for include customizable safe zones, health and activity monitoring, as well as waterproof features. These features allow you to collect data to understand your cats better, while ensuring that they remain safe.

3. Introducing Other Alternatives


While GPS trackers are a popular choice, they are not without flaws. Their functionality depends on satellite transmissions, rendering them ineffective when obstructed from the sky. This means that in areas that are indoors or underground, they lose their reliability. They also tend to be heavier than other types of trackers, which may provide discomfort for the cat.  Here are some alternative solutions to complement your preferences:

  1. Microchipping: Implanting a microchip in a cat provides a permanent form of identification that can assist in reuniting owners with their cats if they get lost.
  2. Tile Trackers: For shorter ranges, tile trackers are an excellent choice, providing proximity alerts when your cat is nearby.
  3. AirTags: Apple’s AirTag technology functions similar to a Tile Tracker, though they tend to have additional features that integrate well with other products. This includes precision finding, which uses ultra-wideband technology to better pinpoint the tag’s location within a close range, and Apple Watch notifications.
Moreover if you purchase PurrSong’s LavvieTAG, you will also be able to monitor your cat’s daily health and activities. Some of the other benefits of the LavvieTAG include:
  • Analytics on the cat’s daily health and activities.
  • Recommendations based on the cat’s daily energy consumption.
  • Recommendations based on the cat’s daily calorie burn.
  • Detection for abnormal health issues through sudden changes.
  • A planner for scheduling your cat’s daily activities

4. Recommendations


When considering tracking options for cats, owners must consider the previously mentioned factors that are used for GPS trackers. For cats that are larger and more adventurous, a GPS tracker is the preferred choice, as they offer real-time monitoring and precise location tracking. For less adventurous cats that are frailer and with health conditions, PurrSong’s LavvieTAG helps provide a more delicate approach that offers tracking capabilities in addition to health monitoring and a lightweight experience.


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